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Lifelong Gifts & Planning

Protect the ones you love, even when you're gone.


Tragically, thousands of companion animals are surrendered to shelters every year, because their human caregivers died, or became too ill to care for them. These pets become homeless, or worse - euthanized - because their humans did not plan for their continued care.

Having a plan in place will give you peace of mind, knowing your pets will always be cared for, should something happen to you. 

Call our administrative team at 863-577-4600, or e-mail Executive Director Shelley Thayer at for more information about Lifetime Care. 

You can also download our Lifetime Care brochure here.

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Plan Your Legacy of Kindness.

One person can make a difference, and today, that person is you.

When you invest in SPCA Florida, you build a more humane community, provide outreach programs, rescue resources, medical care, and teach future generations about the value of creating a caring and compassionate society.

Your support will change the destiny of hungry, homeless, and injured cats and dogs by replacing their suffering with love. Together, we can change their world, but it starts with you.

Call our administrative team at 863-577-4600, or e-mail Executive Director Shelley Thayer at for more information about Planned Giving. 

You can also download our Planned Giving brochure here.

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Tribute Gifts for Loved Ones and Pets


What better way to celebrate someone's life, birthday, or special occasion than with an SPCA Florida tribute gift? These donations allow you to memorialize a loved one, honor a co-worker or spouse, or pay tribute to a beloved pet - while helping the homeless animals we serve.

If you're looking for the purrfect gift for a loved one or friend who has it all, look no further. Tribute gifts far exceed any material item - these donations are the gift of a happy future for a pet at SPCA Florida. 

SPCA Florida will also present memorial certificates as an acknowledgment of a memorial/honor gift. 

Memorial Gift


Express and share compassion through a memorial gift that will improve the life of a homeless animal. Memorial donations offer a beautiful testimony and bring comfort to friends and family who have lost a loved one, or a special pet. 

Honor Gift


Share warm wishes of thanks, congratulations, Happy Birthday, or other custom messages through an honor donation. Donors have the option of selecting an electronic or postal mail card for their recipients. 

Memory Lane Brick


A lifetime tribute to that special loved one, friend, or pet. Memory Lane bricks offer a permanent way to remember, honor, or celebrate. Whether it's the birth of a grandchild, a 60th wedding anniversary, or simply a desire to demonstrate how much you love your own pets, your brick will you that you care for years to come. 

Please note, there is a minimum installation order before we can install, so your brick may not be installed immediately. 

Suiteheart Plaque


Enrich the lives of our orphaned cats and dogs, and have your business or memorial/honor message seen by thousands of visitors to SPCA Florida's Adoption Center. Suiteheart plaques attach to our animal cages and habitats for everyone to see as they view and visit with our adoptable pets. 

Annual sponsorships:

  • $300, Gold - Kennel

  • $200, Silver - Cat-a-tat/Puppy Habitat

  • $100, Bronze - Cage (puppy room or a small cat cage)

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