FL SARC Deploys after Hurricane Ian

SPCA Florida made it through Hurricane Ian fairly unscathed, but others were not as lucky. We have deployed resources from FL SARC - Florida State Animal Rescue Coalition - and on this page you can follow some of their experiences.

October 2, 2022

Two members of FL SARC were on the road all day, picking up and delivering supplies, and just as they were 15 minutes from their final destination - a command center in Arcadia - they hit flood waters and had to reroute 2.5 hours. The normal drive-time for their mission would have been 7.5 hours, but it took 13. They picked up feed in Ocala for 26 horses, and a generator and supplies for a shelter that does not have power.


We are receiving supplies from Greater Good, Halo, and Purina and the first transport out will be on Monday October 3, to feed animals in Myakka. 

Dogs are coming in to SPCA Florida from shelters in the hardest hit areas. However, holding space is limited. If you're in Polk County and willing and able to foster, please sign up at www.spcaflorida.org/fostering

Other ways to help:

  • We need newspaper. Please drop off at 5850 Brannen Rd S in Lakeland.

  •  If you have completed a minimum of Level 1 (awareness) class and FEMA ICS 100, and are willing to assist but haven't registered as a volunteer, this is a great time to sign up: https://flsarc.org/volunteers

  • Monetary donations are always welcome and every dollar counts. If you have some to spare, we're collecting funds at: www.spcaflorida.org/ian 

When you're almost there, and the road is flooded

When you're almost there after a long day, and the road has flooded.

Picking up a generator, supplies, and food for 26 horses.