The Message of Membership


For the last 40 years, animal advocates at SPCA Florida have worked tirelessly to champion for the thousands of homeless animals within our communities. These animals matter deeply to us, and the stand we take to help them speaks volumes about the humane community we hope to be.

In 2019, we spayed and neutered, and provided emergency loving care to more than 5,000 displaced animals. This year, with your help, our goal is to save even more.

It was love and a staunch dedication that launched SPCA Florida four decades ago. That unwavering commitment remains today.

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Every dollar of your tax-deductible Membership goes directly to care for the animals. And, every dollar takes us a step closer to creating a community based on the respectful treatment of animals.

Everyone can make a difference, and your Membership will help grow our efforts to end their suffering and create positive long-term change. Please help us make that difference in our lifetime, and become that society in which we are proud to live.

Your Membership Matters.

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