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We understand how hard it is to come to the decision to rehome or surrender your pet.

We want to let you know that we are here for you and will do whatever we can to help you keep your pet and stay together. We have many different resources that you can utilize!


Please follow the steps below and review the resources first. If you are still unable to keep them, please submit the Surrender form to start the process. Please note SPCA Florida can only take animals from Polk County. 

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! You can call the Admissions Coordinator at 863-577-4618


Important Definitions: 

Re-Home: Rehoming is the process of transferring a pet from one home to another home. Essentially, the new home has adopted the pet from you. The pet does not have to go through the stress of being in a shelter.  

Surrender: Surrender is when you give up your pet to a shelter. The shelter will then find a new home for your pet.

Please know that in order to maintain a No-Kill status, SPCA Florida is a managed intake facility meaning that we only take pets that we have the space for. Because of this, we currently have a wait list for surrenders and require an application for an appointment. We are more than happy to help and would love to discuss different solutions and resources with you beforehand!  Please give us a call for more information at 863-577-4618


Solutions and Resources

There are many different reasons for rehoming your pet. It could be due to financial hardship, situation changes, behavioral changes, etc. We offer many different resources that could offer a solution for you to keep them as part of your family! 


Call Us for a Solution Consultation

We know every situation is different but we hope that we can help provide a solution to help keep your family together. We have many different programs and additional resources that we would love to share with you.

Call us at 863-577-4618 or email us for a consultation to discuss your situation and see how we can help! 

Depending on the situation, we can provide free crates, toys, Pet Food Assistance, etc! 


Consider a Temporary Foster

Sometimes situations can be temporary, and you shouldn't have to give up your pet. Consider a temporary foster to help in times of need. 


Look at Additional Rehoming Options & Non-Profits

It's best for a pet to go from one home to another home. Shelters can be stressful and surrendering a pet should be sought out as a last resort. Take a look at the different rehoming sites and additional non-profits that can help!


Surrender a Cat or Dog to SPCA Florida

What to know before you surrender your pet:

  • We can only accept pets from POLK COUNTY, Florida.

  • If you need to surrender your cat or dog, we take admissions by appointment only. An appointment does not guarantee SPCA Florida will take your cat or dog. We require appointments to give the pets the best chance to be re-homed, and this means an in-depth discussion of the pet and the completion of a personality profile.

  • SPCA Florida will not euthanize based on space or length of stay. We take in pets based on population and space available to ensure all cats and dogs entrusted in our care are given as much time as they need to find new, forever homes.

  • Please estimate the age of the kitten so we can help you appropriately. If you do not know - please refer to the Kitten Age Chart below: 


We rely solely on donations to care for more than 6,000 homeless pets that enter our doors every year. It costs SPCA Florida roughly $210 for each surrendered cat and $250 for each surrendered dog, which includes deworming, microchip, testing, spay/neuter, vaccines, flea & heartworm prevention, etc.

The following fee scale applies to all pet surrenders effective March 1, 2022:

  • Adult pets, $45
  • A litter, $75

A $25 deposit is due at the time the appointment is scheduled.

The deposit is put towards the surrender fee when the animal is brought in for its scheduled appointment. Should you not show for your appointment, you will forfeit the deposit. Special accommodations will be considered based on circumstances.

Surrender fees assist uncovering medical treatments and cost of care while the animal waits for its new home.

We appreciate your understanding. Before surrendering, you may wish to consider rehoming.

To surrender your pet to SPCA Florida, you will need:

  • Your pet's medications or special food, if required

  • Photo ID

When you surrender:

  • You surrender all owner rights

  • Once you have surrendered your pet, you cannot obtain information about whether they were adopted or not, current owner status, etc

If you have found a stray cat or dog:

  • The best thing is to contact your nearest animal control agency. This ensures there is one location where owners who have lost their pets can find them. SPCA Florida works with Polk County Animal Control to transfer pets in, depending on how much room we have.


To schedule an appointment or inquire about surrendering your pet:


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