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Sheriff Grady Judd
Spay/Neuter Fund


Hi, I’m Sheriff Grady Judd reaching out to you to support the Sheriff Grady Judd Spay and Neuter Program.

Our goal for 2024 is to provide LOW cost and NO cost spay and neuter services for 4,000 personal pets throughout Polk County.

Please join me in raising awareness and essential funds to avoid the needless suffering that is caused by unwanted litters. Together, working with SPCA Florida, we can make it happen.

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SPCA Florida’s goal is to save 90% or more of our Polk County’s homeless dogs and cats every year. 


Through continued support from law enforcement, partners local and far, we will continue our mission to eliminate animal suffering and engage the entire community in the welfare and well-being of animals. With your support, we can make an impact on our community together.


SPCA Florida is committed to making sure no animal suffers this year. You can support our efforts by donating to the Sheriff Grady Judd Spay and Neuter program. Please help us make a difference in the lives of homeless animals. 


Thank you for caring!

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