Food Assistance Programs - we are here to help!

SPCA Florida has offered food for pets of qualified residents since July 2013. Ani-Meals provides food to elderly and homebound families and partners with Meals on Wheels of Polk County, Mid-Florida Community Services, and VISTE. The Food Assistance Program (FAP) provides pet food to families who face financial challenges.

Food is distributed on the last Sunday of each month, 10 AM to noon with drive-up service. Call us at 863-577-4613 to sign up or for more information.

Quick facts about the food bank:

  • SPCA Florida's food bank started in 2013.

  • In a normal year, the food assistance program distributes over 4,600 pounds of food each month. In 2020 with the Pandemic, the number is much higher.

  • Ani-Meals provides food assistance with delivery to elderly and homebound families in Polk County. Each month, we provide over 1,300 pounds of dog food and cat food.

  • The food bank relies on donations from individual donors and organizations. We always welcome food donations.

  • In 2020, the number of mouths to feed every month has increased to more than 2,000. This is more than ever before. Luckily, GreaterGood and PetSmart Charities stepped up to help, and we are so very grateful!

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