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Adoptable Cats

Walk-ins are welcome! We no longer require an appointment for adoptions! Please know that there may be a wait for walk-ins depending on the volume of clients and staff availability. 

We are a first-come, first-serve facility. If you are interested in a specific animal, we cannot guarantee that it will still be available when you arrive.

If you see a cat you like, make sure to click on it to see where it is - the listings include cats located at SPCA Florida as well as with our adoption partners.

Linda's Lovelies, Cattery A/B/C, Tinker's Legacy, Feline Holding, and Admin Offices specify the room or location within SPCA Florida located in Lakeland, FL. 

Senior cats (age 7+) are 50% off the adoption fee!

Available cats and kittens for adoption and rescue
Adoption Pricing for Cats

  • Kittens (2 - 6 months) - $100

  • Young Adult ( 6 months - 2 years) - $75

  • Adults (2+ years) - $50

  • Seniors (7+ years) - 50% off the adoption price! 


Note: Specific purebred cats/kittens can be priced up to $500.  This increased price helps to cover medical/surgical expenses of other cats in care

The fee includes:

  • Spay/Neuter surgery for unsterilized pets

  • Cats are dewormed, tested for feline leukemia and FIV, and receive vaccinations for feline distemper, rhinotracheitis, calici virus, and rabies (if age-appropriate)

  • Microchip

  • Educational material

Adoption Pricing for Cats
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