Guardian Angel Fund

Helping Animals in Need

Donate_ButtonThe Guardian Angel Fund provides lifesaving treatment to animals in need. Every month SPCA Florida invests between $10,000 and $15,000 to treat diseases and injured animals. This gives both owned and homeless pets in need a second chance at health and happiness. Healing begins with you; become a Guardian Angel today!

Recent Guardian Angel Stories

Peanut Butter - Face up close 28544623Based on Peanut Butter’s bright, bouncy arrival into SPCA Florida, veterinary staff would have hardly known he was suffering if not for the red, painful gash on the inside of his right flank. Peanut Butter, a 1-year-old Golden Retriever Mix, spent every day, all day in his backyard. To combat boredom he regularly escaped out of his fenced yard to explore the neighborhood before returning home. During one attempt to climb under or over the fence, he caught his leg and ripped open his flank in a deep wound. Despite his injury, Peanut Butter was left without treatment or attention for 24 hours. Read his story and how SPCA Florida’s Guardian Angel Fund helped repair his injury>>

Sally2 29939520When Sally arrived at SPCA Florida her breathing was labored. The 5-month-old kitten was dehydrated and only weighed two pounds, half of what a kitten her age should weigh. Her neck was covered in scabs. She had been dumped in a yard, left to suffer alone. Thankfully for Sally, the yard she was discarded in belonged to an SPCA Florida staff member who quickly discovered her.

Due to her breathing trouble, veterinary staff suspected upper respiratory; however, because she did not have any symptoms such as runny nose and watery eyes, doctors decided to take x-rays. Read what the veterinarians discovered and learn how SPCA Florida’s Guardian Angel Fund restored her health with emergency surgery>>

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