Guardian Angel Fund

Helping Animals in Need

Donate_ButtonThe Guardian Angel Fund provides lifesaving treatment to animals in need. Every month SPCA Florida invests between $10,000 and $15,000 to treat diseases and injured animals. This gives both owned and homeless pets in need a second chance at health and happiness. Healing begins with you; become a Guardian Angel today!

Recent Guardian Angel Stories


Brought into SPCA Florida just this week, two-year old Terrier Blu was surrendered with a collar so tight, it was embedded into her skin. The damage from the collar was so intense, the staff had to perform surgery on her wounds to remove dead tissue and close any open gashes. will perform surgery on her wounds to remove the dead tissue and close any open gashes. Blu didn’t ask nor deserve this treatment, but the staff at SPCA Florida will work diligently until Blu is healthy and finds a deserving family.Your donations and continued support of the Guardian Angel fund allow SPCA Florida to assist animals like Blu – a kind, loving dog.

Sheppard didn’t know he was sick when surrendered at SPCA Florida. In fact, he seemed pretty happy to trot around the yards and smell the floorboards in the office. He cuddled up next to the employees, nuzzling their shins for a pat. Sheppard didn’t know his leg was infected or that he’d suffer a live-altering amputation in a few short hours. He was just excited to be on a field trip. Read more about Sheppard and what you can do to help with his recovery with SPCA’s Guardian Angel fund.


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