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5 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet

Updated: May 15, 2023

Sometimes senior pets need an extra helping paw, especially if they've been homeless for some time. Silver's Seniors is a program funded by a kind benefactor to help them get the medical care they need and find homes.

There are many reasons to consider a senior pet when looking a new furry friend. Including, but not limited to...

1) Aged to Perfection: Senior pets are usually calmer than their younger counterparts. Many would love to find a place where they can sit on their new human's lap or sleep on the bed. Many already have basic training, and they have grown past the kitten/puppy rambunctious stage of climbing on the curtains or chewing the TV remote.

2) Love has no Age Limit: Today, many cats live into their 20s or even 30s, and dogs far into their teens. Many still think a pet past the age of kitten or puppy is "too old," and mature pets' risk being left behind in the shelters. You can have many wonderful years together, and your senior gets to spend their twilight years surrounded by your love, in a home with a family instead of a shelter.

3) Limited change in Lifestyle: Bringing a new family member into the house always requires adjustment to some extent, but there's a smaller change in lifestyle with a mature pet than with a kitten or a puppy. The young ones are wonderful in so many ways, but may also require "house proofing" to stay safe, and training. An older pet may be more interested in taking a nap together with you.

4) Stress Reducers: Many of us have hectic, stressful lives. Research shows that adopting a pet can reduce blood pressure and stress. Enjoying time with your pet will be good for both them and you, especially in a time when we're increasingly isolated from other humans.

5) Cool, Calm, and Collected: A senior pet is fully grown, and you know how large it will be. Most have the basics down and know to use a scratching post instead of the sofa, or to chew a toy instead of someone's shoe. Many love to cuddle, and they keep a more moderate pace in life than kittens and puppies.

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