Surrendering a Cat or Dog to SPCA Florida 

What to know before you surrender your pet:

  • We can only accept pets from POLK COUNTY, Florida.

  • If you need to surrender your cat or dog, we take admissions by appointment only. An appointment does not guarantee SPCA Florida will take your cat or dog. We require appointments to give the pets the best chance to be re-homed, and this means an in-depth discussion of the pet and completion of a personality profile.

  • SPCA Florida will not euthanize based on space or length of stay. We take in pets based on population and space available to ensure all cats and dogs entrusted in our care are given as much time as they need to find new, forever homes.

We rely solely on donations to care for more than 6,000 homeless pets that enter our doors every year.

Costs per cat_72dpi.jpg
Costs per dog_72 dpi.jpg

The following fee scale applies to all pet surrenders effective November 1, 2020:

  • $35 Surrender fee per pet, with an appointment 
  • $50 Surrender fee with an appointment for a litter


We appreciate your understanding. Before surrendering, you may wish to consider rehoming.

To surrender your pet to SPCA Florida, you will need:

  • A pre-scheduled appointment

  • To fill out our Surrender Form and complete a Cat Personality or Dog Personality form that will be provided at intake

  • Your pet's medications or special food, if required

  • Photo ID

When you surrender:

  • You surrender all owner rights

  • Once you have surrendered your pet, you cannot obtain information about whether they were adopted or not, current owner status, etc

If you have found a stray cat or dog:

  • The best thing is to contact your nearest animal control agency. This ensures there is one location where owners who have lost their pets can find them. SPCA Florida works with Polk County Animal Control to transfer pets in, depending on how much room we have.


To schedule an appointment or inquire about surrendering your pet: