Report a Lost/Found Cat or Dog


Losing your dog or cat can be a scary time for a family. SPCA Florida wants to help you find your lost animal. First, complete a lost/found dog form to be sent to SPCA Florida’s intake specialists. They will add this to our PetPoint system and your animal will then appear on our Lost/Found page. Please email [email protected] when you locate your pet, so we can remove the report.

If you’re in Polk County, we strongly recommend you also complete a Polk County Animal Control Lost/Found report for  (PCAC). Unless ill or injured, SPCA Florida directs all strays to PCAC so there is one location for residents to look for their lost pets.

Visit Every Shelter

It’s important you visit all of the animal shelters near you because animals can wander far from home. In Florida, animal control agencies are responsible for stray animals. Click here for a list of animal control agencies near you.

 Act Fast

  • Post flyers in the area where you lost your pet. Notify friends and neighbors your pet is lost.
  • Personally check your local animal control agency.
  • Use social media to get the word out. In Polk County you can post to Lost and Found Pets  and Polk Pet Page. SPCA Florida is not associated with these pages, but they are useful resources!
  • Contact veterinary practices in your area. They may have a Lost and Found bulletin board in their offices.
  • Read the “found” ads and post a “lost” ad in the newspapers and online.
  • Don’t give up!

Why Pets Stray

Animals often stray because they aren’t spayed or neutered and they are looking for a mate. Spaying or neutering eliminates an animal’s reproductive instincts and decreases the desire to roam. Call SPCA Florida’s McClurg Animal Medical Center at (863) 646-4647 to schedule an appointment.

Make sure

  • Your cat or dog wears a current rabies tag, license tag and an ID tag with your current address and phone numbers.
  • Your current address and phone numbers are on file with the veterinarian who provided your pet’s most recent vaccinations.
  • Your contact information is current with the registry for your pet’s microchip identification implant.

Microchip your pet

A microchip is a permanent identification implant, which is about the size of a grain of rice and is inserted under an animal’s skin. It contains a number that is filed with a national registry. The registry keeps owner contact information.

You can get your dog or cat microchipped at SPCA Florida’s Medical Center. When a shelter or veterinary practice finds an implant on a lost pet, they contact the national registry.

Update your pet’s microchip


Home Again Microchips
1-888-HOMEAGAIN (1-888-466-3242)

Pet Link (DataMars & resQ by Bayer chips)

Microchip Lookup Tool