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  • Meet Ramsey.

      Meet Ramsey. This sweet, petite cat acts like a kitten. She loves to run around after toys and remains curious about absolutely everything. She will innocently reach out to visitors for pets and loves to watch the cats play in Cattery B. But Ramsey isn’t a kitten, and she desperately needs a medical procedure. […]

  • Meet Momma Fern.

      This story is simple but sweet and is a perfect example of why community support of SPCA Florida’s Guardian Angel Fund is so necessary and important. In the summer of 2017, two young men decided it was the perfect Spring day to go fishing at Loyce E. Harpe Park, known to most as Carter […]

  • Meet Athena.

    Christina Van Allen Digital Marketing Manager Meet Athena. This young, tiny black kitten was recently surrendered to our care after being mauled by her owner’s dog. In a call to our facility, the owner described one of Athena’s eyes as being severely damaged. She was advised to bring Athena in as soon as possible. With […]

  • Guardian Angel Fund: Paging Dr. Sheppard

    Christina Van Allen Digital Marketing Manager Meet Sheppard. . Sheppard didn’t know he was sick when surrendered at SPCA Florida. In fact, he seemed pretty happy to trot around the yards and smell the floorboards in the office. He cuddled up next to the employees, nuzzling their shins for a pat. Sheppard didn’t know his […]