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Show Us Your Pets!

Have you always thought your pet was meant for the spotlight, but just hasn't had their big break yet? Now's their chance for their big debut!

Your pet could be featured on a date of your choosing in the 2023 Lakeland Fire Department’s Rescued Pets Calendar through a $100 donation. 100% of proceeds go directly to SPCA Florida to help us continue our mission and rescue more pets. 

Entering is easy: click here to make your donation and get instructions for submitting your photo. You can also pre-order your calendar for $10!


Calendars usually arrive in October and you’ll be notified as soon as they are available for pick up. Or, cover the postage and we’ll mail it to you. 


• Only pets in the photos; no humans. You may have more than one animal in a photo. 

• Domesticated pets only (cats, dogs, birds, horses, hamsters, iguanas, etc.) 

• Remember to tell us your pet’s name. 

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