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The Rent a Dog Program is a new initiative by SPCA Florida’s Adoption Center. Dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages will be “rented” to those wanting to participate. This allows the dogs to interact with spaces outside of the adoption center and give the dogs more exposure with potential adopters. Furthermore, many families and students cannot foster or adopt an animal. This gives those wanting animal interactions to plan a fun, safe adventure for their rented dog.

Doggie Day-Dates is the first segment of the Rent a Dog program. We will begin Day-Dates May 16, 2018. It will run on Wednesdays only. Participants will have to fill out a short form at the Adoption Center, and the dog is yours for the allotted time!

Will SPCA Florida expand the days and hours? We first want to make sure the Day Dates work for both the dogs, staff, and human participants. Safety is our #1 priority for both animals and humans. After we observe how everything is working and look for improvements, we would love to add adventures to the Rent a Dog program!

There are two shifts for Day Dates: morning and early afternoon. These ten dogs are pre-selected by staff, and the dogs’ headshots will be available on Fridays so participants can choose which dog they would like for the Wednesday playdates. Pick-up and drop-off times vary depending on shift – please see chart below.

Doggie Day-Dates: Wednesdays




Morning (AM)9 AM – 9:30 AM11:30 AM – noon
Early Afternoon (PM)12:30 PM – 1:00 PM3 PM – 3:30 PM


To view available dogs for the week, please visit this page. Dogs will be posted Friday afternoons. When picking up your friend, the Adoption Center staff will go over safety, restrictions, and other necessary information for both you and the pup to have a safe, healthy day!

We will try to give you your first choice of dog, but the program is first come, first serve. We recommend signing up for a dog early!

Each dog will come with a bag that tells you about the dog, a sheet with suggestions on what to do, a harness and martingale collar, and a bowl for water.


  • Is there a fee?
    There is no fee to participate in the Rent a Dog program – all we ask is that you provide photos and/or videos of your adventures. If you want, we’d would be thrilled if those participating donated $1 to our Guardian Angel Fund. This fund helps the animals in dire need of medical care.
  • Is this all SPCAs in Florida?
    No. Despite the name, we are one location in Florida. We are located in Lakeland, Florida.
  • Will you expand hours? We want to look at this 0ne-day program before expanding. Other ideas include movie nights, reading to kittens, coffee dates, and beach days.
  • How are you ensuring the dogs’ safety?We are vetting folks in the same manner we would a foster family who usually have multiple SPCA Florida animals for weeks on end. Safety is our #1 priority for all of our animals.
  • Please drive around the Medical Center (left of entrance) to pick-up and drop-off your pets. 
  • If you need to cancel your dog rental, please give us a 24-hour notice so the animal can find another playmate for the day.
  • For more information or questions, please contact Rudie Fox, Rescue Coordinator at [email protected]

Smokey: very shy, but loves to be held. Loves other dogs. Gets the Steve Buscemi look-a-like comments a lot and does NOT appreciate them.  ADOPTED






Chiquilin: little shy, but warms up quickly. Good with kids and dogs. Likes the nickname Quill as it reminds him of his favorite superhero…and it’s easier to pronounce.






Hunter: calm, friendly dog. Kid and dog friendly. Misses his pint-sized BFF from last week, but open to making new friends.






Hope: silly little hound mix. Very dog and people friendly. Super high energy levels… kind of like kazoo-kid in dog form.






Buddy: loves kids and people. Arthritis in back legs and hips. Dog-selective. Wears New Balances and socks up to his knee caps.






Cowboy: loves to talk and a little shy, but loves to snuggle under his blankie. Please do not touch his ears as he 1. does not like it and 2. it is his second form of transportation as he is part bat.






Majorca: shy, sweet. Dog and people friendly. President of the *NSYNC Fan Club, Florida Chapter.






Sargento: people friendly, but please no other animals. Thinks it’s funny to pass gas and blame it on the closest person. You’ve been warned.






Renea: very social with other people, but dog selective. Followed Fleetwood Mac for the better part of a year.






Sadie: great on a leash. People friendly, dog selective. Quotes Marilyn Monroe and drinks her whiskey neat.







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