Publicity Hounds

Publicity Hounds

Publicity Hounds are the official ambassadors for SPCA Florida, raising awareness and engaging the entire community
in the welfare and well-being of animals. They are the furry faces of SPCA Florida!

What does stardom include?

• Serve as a walking billboard for SPCA Florida at various community locations, yappy hours, and fun social events.
• Visit local businesses to promote SPCA Florida events and distribute promotional materials.
• Generate interest from the public and recruit supporters, adopters and volunteers.
• Participate in SPCA Florida events.

SPCA Florida needs Publicity Hound volunteer teams. These volunteers lead the Walk for Animals Publicity Hound Committee and can be friends, colleagues, neighbors or family members who want to help spread the word about the walk.
Publicity Hounds are extremely important roles in distributing event information, driving and securing event participation, and working with other volunteers to determine Publicity Hound exposure at pre-event festivities.
What if you don’t have a dog, but still want to participate? Well, we have plenty of dogs at SPCA Florida that you can pick and choose from. Just ask us for more details!

What next?

If you’re interested in becoming a Publicity Hound volunteer, please complete these short forms and return to SPCA Florida at [email protected]