Membership Perks

The need for your membership in SPCA Florida is easy to see. You have seen the photos and social media posts of animals in need and you have read the stories in our newsletters and appeal letters. As a member of SPCA Florida, your financial support and membership yields more meaningful support than we ever could have imagined. You can take great satisfaction in this as your participation will help our staff provide improved care to the underserved more than ever before. As a member of SPCA Florida, you are part of a movement that continues to come together and permeates across Polk County, Central Florida, the state, and beyond. You are joining a community of individuals committed to making life better for those without a voice. You are joining the SPCA Florida Nation.

So the question is…how can we do even more for the animals and our community? This is where your membership becomes so meaningful. Your membership allows us to underwrite the loss SPCA Florida absorbs with every spay/neuter we provide to shelter animals. Simply put, the more spay/neuters, the more adoptions, and the more meaningful the impact within our community!

What’s your call to action? Simply join the SPCA Florida movement that is taking place right now. Join the hundreds who recognize the value and impact of our services throughout the community and beyond. Become a member of the SPCA Florida Nation by returning the membership form below. Or you can become a member by going online and donating through the SPCA Florida website –

As a thank you, you will enjoy perks established especially for members of the SPCA Florida Nation based on your membership level. Membership does have rewards and yours are waiting for you.

Adam Stanfield, Executive Director
SPCA Florida