Declaw Statement

SPCA Florida’s Declaw Policy

SPCA Florida believes scratching is a natural cat behavior. Declawing, an elective surgical procedure, is considered by SPCA Florida to be a form of mutilation. Solutions to deter potential damage to household goods are economical and simple to implement while maintaining the physical and emotional well-being of the animal.  Such solutions include scratching posts, scratching platforms, synthetic nail caps, routine nail trimming, and adhesive furniture protectors, many of which are offered for sale through SPCA Florida’s Adoption Center.

SPCA Florida does not provide declawing at its Medical Center and does not adopt kittens or cats from its Adoption Center to anyone planning to declaw because declawing may render the cat defenseless, inflict unnecessary pain and adversely affect behavior.

What Is Declawing?

First things first: declawing is not a manicure. Declawing, or onychectomy, is an invasive procedure in which the first knuckle of each toe is amputated:



If you were to perform this procedure on a human, it would look like this:

Delcawing equivalent on human

If you are considering declawing or want to help prevent your cat from scratching and destroying furniture, call SPCA Florida, (863) 646-7722 and ask to speak with one of our veterinarians or adoption counselors on Declawing or see our infograph below. Make sure you know all of the facts on cat declawing before you move forward with the life-altering procedure.