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Together, we can Keep Their Hearts Beating in 2021

Every year, thousands of cats and dogs come through our doors in need of love and homes, but also in need of medical care. We heal the wounded, set fractures, feed the hungry, treat illnesses, and much more. You can help! You can be their Lifeline of Support! 

In the videos below, you will meet Nugget (or Potato, or Noodle, depending on who you ask). She came to SPCA Florida just three days old because she has a cleft palate and was unable to nurse and eat on her own. Our wonderful staff has tube fed her at regular intervals around the clock, so she can survive and one day thrive in a home of her own. 

To become a Lifeline Member and keep the heart beating for a purring cat or tail-wagging dog, give a one-time gift or consider a monthly recurring gift.

Of course, we don't just help puppies - there are adult pets too, and kittens. During kitten season we get as many as 100 kittens every day, many of them in need of medical care. Become a Lifeline Member and keep their hearts beating!

You can click on the images in the gallery below to read more about each image.

puppy kitten heartbeat banner lores.jpg
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