Meet Willow.

Sandra Dawson, Administrative and Marketing Assistant

Willow was very thin and dehydrated when she was rescued from Polk County Animal Services July 5, 2018.  SPCA Florida staff fed her and gave her water, but noticed she still wasn’t eating well after a few days and knew testing and blood work needed to be done.  The results came back showing she had hyperthyroidism.  She started on medication, but after a month she began having an adverse reaction to it.  The medication had to be stopped. The other treatment alternative is a more costly special diet food that helps control her thyroid disease.

Since Willow is 14-years-old and having health issues, SPCA Florida felt the calmer environment of a foster home would be best for her. After a couple of weeks on the special diet, her foster parent reported that Willow is much better.  She plays and jumps after her toys.  Other times she sits looking out the window daydreaming.  She’s a very attentive and constant companion.

Because of Guardian Angels like you, we were able to help Willow.  The diet is rather expensive at $55 for a 6 pound bag, a price SPCA Florida couldn’t afford without your wonderful support.  Hyperthyroidism is a disease Willow will have the rest of her life.  She will always need the expensive diet to help her feel her best while living out the rest of her days.  That’s why your continued support is so important to help Willow and other animals have a chance at a better life. Become a Guardian Angel today!