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Grumpy Cats

Have you ever wanted your very own grumpy cat? A feline with a huge purrsonality who knows what they want? Look no further - we have your new friend!

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Zoey Hates: 

  • Cats, dogs, noisy kids, adults who aren’t “cat people” 

  • People who talk on the phone and ignore her 


Zoey Loves: 

  • Ear scratches 

  • Snuggle time: getting on top of you when you’re lying on a couch or bed to make biscuits, get petted or go to sleep 

  • A heating pad 

  • Laser pointers & wand feather toys 

  • Quiet 


Purrsonality Profile: 

  • Looks grumpy, even when feeling snuggly 

  • Quite loving when in the mood – and very demanding about it 

  • Meows to let you know it’s playtime, snuggle time or bedtime 

  • Ignore her meow at your own peril 

  • Not food motivated 

  • Not interested in catnip 


If you dare, request an interview with Zoey 

If you are brave enough, kind enough, and Zoey approves, you may adopt her for our Grumpy Cat adoption fee: $10. 

Zoey 3_edited.jpg
Adorable Zoey_edited.jpg
Zoey 1_edited.jpg


Inky Hates: 

  • Cats, dogs, noisy kids

  • Adults who aren’t “cat people” 

  • Being held

  • Thunder 


Inky Loves: 

  • Talking, especially growling

  • Sleeping on your bed

  • Being petted - if she's in the mood - although she won't admit it

  • Rollerball scratchers, laser pointers, and wand feather toys

  • Vertical space - being up high

  • Paper bags


Purrsonality Profile: 

  • Has had four teeth removed, but eats both dry and canned food

  • Eats I/D digestive care or gastrointestinal formula food

  • Loves treats, but limit them to 6 per day

  • Very vocal

  • Needs a quiet adult home with a window for bird watching and a comfy couch

  • Wants to be an only pet


If you dare, request an interview with Inky

If you are brave, patient, and kind enough - and Inky approves - you may adopt her for our Grumpy Cat adoption fee: $10

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