Grant Awards

Grants are a vital part of SPCA Florida’s mission. Funding from corporations and private individuals enable us to carry out our lifesaving programs such as Safety Net and reduced cost spay/neuter. Below are the current grant awards SPCA Florida has received.

Banfield Charitable TrustBanfield Charitable Trust
Safety Net Program

Safety Net Retention Program provides resources for pet owners during a temporary financial hardship to retain their pets. Every month, $835 of grant funding will be allotted to help clients facing unemployment, domestic violence, foreclosure, or other financial crises. This grant funding is in addition to the $10,000 to $15,000 of free or reduced veterinary services SPCA Florida gives away monthly through its Guardian Angel Fund. Funds from this grant may be used to provide affordable veterinary care for sick and injured animals, temporary boarding fees, pet food, grooming, and more.

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Bissell grant - Lost Pet USA Logo

Bissell Pet Foundation
Pits for Polk Program

With over 11,000 pit bull or pit bull type dogs residing in Polk County, SPCA Florida recognizes the need to emphasize pit bulls for our spay-neuter program. Funding for a pit bull spay-neuter solution will provide a valuable resource to our community by promoting a responsible solution to reducing the population of pit bulls in a humane manner.

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The George W. Jenkins Fund within the GiveWell Community Foundation
Safety Net Retention Programs

SPCA Florida’s Safety Net Retention Programs provide alternatives for dog and cat relinquishment to animal shelters. Safety Net is not meant to be a long-term solution to our clients; yet, a resource to those experiencing a temporary financial hardship thus allowing pet owners to retain their pets.  Whether it is providing pet food, affordable veterinary care for sick and injured animals, or pet deposit rental assistance, Safety Net gives animal guardians the support they needed to fulfill their responsibilities to the animals in their lives.