Forgotten Friends

This page shines a light on pawsome pets who have been looking for their forever homes for quite some time. Don't let them give up hope, come see them, and maybe even bring one home today!

When you find someone that seems right for you, call our adoption center at 863-577-4615 to find out more about the pet and to schedule your appointment. Dog visits are limited to three dogs per appointment. 

Please note that pets on this page may have been adopted.

January 22, 2021


Hi friends, I'm Shadow. I am a 2-year-old Staffordshire Terrier mix. I was originally adopted from SPCA Florida in 2018 when I was a puppy, but I returned in November 2020 when my previous owners had a new baby.

I am a sweet and lovable boy who is learning to enjoy the company of other dogs my size, and I LOVE people. I would probably like to live in a home with older children.

I just know I will make a great companion, so you should come see me.

Adopt me before 2/7 for a special fee of $80.


Gonzo and Waldorf

We're Gonzo and Waldorf, everyone's favorite tiger twins! We are two 8-month-old brown tabbies who spent most of our lives thus far at SPCA Florida. Growing up in a shelter isn't that much fun and we'd love to spend the rest of our days with you - cuddled up in your home.

We enjoy playing with feather toys and cuddling. If we get to wish, we'd like a patient and quiet home with someone who will help us feel comfortable and safe.

Adopt us before 2/8 for a special fee: $45 each or $80 together.


January 4, 2021




Hi there, I'm Buster! I am a three-year-old lovable and sweet kitty. I'm a bit shy, but once I feel comfortable with you I turn into a love bug. I enjoy feather toys, toy mice, and "cat TV" - watching lizards and birds from a sunny window.

I have chronic watery eyes that makes it look like I'm crying, but it doesn't hurt me and I'm a really happy boy. 

To win my heart, pet my rabbit-like fur and watch me roll around for a full body massage.

Adopt me before 1/18 for a special price of $45!

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 15.46.23.png
Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 15.46.29.png


Hi friends, I'm Maddie! I'm a big, sweet, 2-year-old American Bulldog who has been a resident of SPCA Florida since September 2020. I'm super smart, I know a few commands, and I will do anything for treats.

I would do best in a home where I can be the only pet, but I might enjoy living with older children. I've been told my big brown eyes and beautiful silver coat could win anyone over, so I'm not sure why I haven't been adopted yet. I'll be your loyal new best friend furever!

Adopt me before 1/18 for a special price of $80!

Happy Maxine.jpg

December 1, 2020




Hi there, I'm Tank! I am two years old and have been a resident of SPCA Florida since August 2020. I am a quiet and shy boy who enjoys gentle pets. I also like watching birds out the window from my cat tree.

I am one of a few lucky kitties who has my very own office in our Administration building. My office roommate is our Executive Director, Shelley, and I love her sooooo much. I'm a great helper too. 

All I want for the holidays this year is to snuggle up in a calm and patient home that will give me time to bond with them and feel comfortable. I'm waiting for my purrfect match, my Happily Furever After.

Adopt me before 12/14 for a special price of $45!



My name is Kai, but my friends at SPCA Florida call me their "little potato." Not sure what that means, but I like it. I am a four-year-old bulldog and have been a resident here since June 2020. I am SO ready to find a home! If you're looking for a sweet and easy-going dog, I'm your guy.

I don't care about much besides getting lots of love and treats. My favorite activities are going for a ride in the car and getting head scratches. 

I have skin allergies and I am heartworm positive, but SPCA Florida has started me on treatments for both conditions and it doesn't affect my quality of life.

All I want for Christmas is someone who will love me furrrrrrever. I'm pawing a letter to Santa Paws right now!

Adopt me before 12/14 for a special price of $80!

November 2, 2020

Crowley Sage

Hi everyone, I'm Crowley Sage, but my friends at SPCA Florida just call me Sage. I'm 6 years young and have been a resident here since July 2020. I am one of a few lucky cats who get to live in my very own admin office!

My roommate is called Linda, and I love her SO MUCH. I just want to give her hugs and kisses all the time. I many be slow to warm up to people, but once I feel comfortable, I have so much love to give.

I am a smart girl who knows how to play fetch with hair ties and paper balls. I also know the meaning of "let's go" and I'm sure I could learn more things. I enjoy hanging out on screened porches, on a cat tree near a window, or even in the shower. 

I dream of finding a quiet, calm home with adults who will spoil me and allow me to be their only pet.

Adopt me for a special fee of $45 until 11/16!



Hi friends, I'm Brother. I have been a resident of SPCA Florida since July 2020. I was transferred from Polk County Animal Control after my caregiver passed away. 

I am the BEST boy in the world! I am handsome, easy-going, and affectionate. The whole package in one cat. I enjoy the company of other kitties and people, and my purrrrfect home would have lots of love, cuddles, and a screened porch to lounge on.

I am FIV positive, but that doesn't affect my quality of life, or the way I interact with people or other animals. 

Adopt me for a special fee of $45 until 11/16!

October 19, 2020




Meow there, I'm Noley! I am nine years old and SPCA Florida's longest resident. I came here in August 2017 - that's a third of my life ago! I have spent some time in a foster home and that helped me flourish. 

I hope to find a calm home without children or other pets. Once I'm comfortable I'm a friendly girl and enjoy watching birds and lizards outside.

Adopt me for a special fee of $45 until 11/2!


Woohoo, want to play? I love playing, but I have a sweet and cuddly side as well. I am super smart too; I even know a few tricks. I like going for walks, riding in the car, and playing in the yard. All I need is a loving forever home.

I'm a big boy and I've heard some people find me intimidating, but to tell the truth, I'm a little afraid of some men. I'm very sweet once I know I can trust you, and I want to be your clever and loyal best friend furever.

Adopt me for a special fee of $80 until 11/2!

October 12, 2020




Peek-a-boo! I'm Scout. I know all my basic commands and could definitely learn new tricks - and I enjoy going for walks and showing off how smart I am. 

I had a rough start in life and I'm not the biggest fan of women, so I would do best in a home with adults and no other pets. A loving forever home would be my dream come true.

Adopt me for a special fee of $80 until 10/19!


Meow there, Arnie here! I have been living at SPCA Florida for two years, but I haven't been on-campus all that time. I was in a foster home and learned social skills and tricks. I can come, sit, and even walk through a hoop! 

I would love a patient and loving home where I am the only pet and people respect my boundaries. If there's boiled chicken, that would be a bonus, because that's my favorite snack. And you know what? I like petting people. If you sit next to me and hold your hand out, I just might rub my head against you.

Adopt me for a special fee of $45 until 10/19!

October 5, 2020

Goat - Greatest Of All Time



Hi, I'm Goat! I have been at SPCA Florida since January 2020. I love playing with my wand toys, lounging on a couch or screened porch, or sitting in a sunny window. My biggest dream is to find a calm and quiet home filled with love.

Adopt me for a special fee of $45 until 10/12!




I'm Spots! I've been at SPCA Florida since April 2020. I think it might be because I'm not the best at first impressions. This one time, I even stuck my tongue out at the camera by accident. Anyway, once I get to know you, I am a playful and friendly little guy.

I love, love, love playing with all kinds of toys. My dream home has older children to play with, but no other pets. I know my new family is out there, but I'm still waiting for them to find me.

I can be adopted for a special fee of $80 until 10/12.