Disaster Preparedness



Emergencies come in many forms — hurricanes, flash floods, wildfires — and they may require anything from a brief absence from your home to permanent evacuation. Each type of disaster requires different measures to keep your dog or cat safe. The best thing you can do is to be prepared.

Frightened animals frequently slip out open doors, broken windows or damaged areas of their homes. These lost animals face harsh elements, starvation, predators, contaminated food or water, and they could be a victim of fallen debris or traffic accidents. Planning and organization will ensure your dogs and cats are safe and secure throughout the stress of a natural disaster.

Make certain that your dogs and cats are always identified with a collar and tag or preferably with a permanent microchip.  Call SPCA Florida at (863)646-7722 to have this service performed on your dog or cat.

Be aware of local kennels that board animals during evacuations, make temporary pet care arrangements with family or friends out of the area and be familiar with pet-friendly hurricane shelters and motels throughout your region. Most shelters, kennels and hotels require current records of shots, as well as identification, kennels/carriers, food/water and other provisions found in our Animal First Aid Kit. Making arrangements for your four-legged family members in advance and having your animal’s survival kit ready to go will help reduce the stress of a looming storm.

For more information on animal disaster preparedness, print out these recommendations

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Disaster Preparedness

Emergency Boarding Kennels

Check with your local news stations and other media resources to ensure that shelters are open!