Corporate Honor Roll Partners

Photo Apr 18, 10 51 33 AMYour company is invited to join SPCA Florida’s Corporate Honor Roll, a network of community-minded businesses whose philanthropic support is key to helping SPCA Florida achieve its mission. Your participation signifies your commitment to our community, and your desire to help SPCA Florida with our mission of bringing kindness and compassionate care to all animals.

SPCA Florida’s Marketing and Philanthropy Team will evaluate your business philosophy, goals, and interests and can devise an individualized sponsorship program tailored to meet your company’s needs. We will work with you to ensure your current and future customers know about your commitment to the community and that your business needs are addressed through your participation in the Corporate Honor Roll.

By aligning your company with our cause-marketing platform, SPCA Florida will expand your company’s exposure into new markets with the following benefits:

  • 40,000+ Facebook followers
  • 35,000 unique website views a year
  • Monthly eNews to 30,000 emails on our distribution list
  • Newsletters to more than 10,000 people every quarter
  • Exposure to featured segments on Polk County TV when applicable

Photo Apr 18, 10 52 46 AMUltimately, our Corporate Honor Roll Program promotes annual planning and budgeting efficiency which maximizes your company’s exposure throughout the year. Our one-time annual ask means we will work hard for you all year long. But most important, you will feel proud to know that you are able to give back to the animals in our community at a time when it is most needed. 

A very special thank you to our community and corporate partners. These companies have demonstrated philanthropic support by sponsoring SPCA Florida events, providing volunteer hours or providing grants to SPCA Florida. If your company is interested in becoming a Corporate Sponsor, please SPCA Florida at [email protected]

Corporate Honor Roll Participants

Watson Clinic

 Polk County
Board of County Commissioners


 Anne Watkins



 Stan & Liz Piotrowski

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Office of
Kathryn Koch

Edward Jones w Office of Laura Lear added per her request

 Brenda Joyce

 John Fitzwater