Wobbly Kitten Needs You

Ella1 25107674Ella2 25107674SPCA Florida staff members believe every pet deserves a chance. Sometimes those chances make it more challenging to find homes for special needs pets like Ella, who was born with feline cerebellar hypoplasia (CH). CH is a non-progressive, non-contagious neurological condition that results in walking and balancing problems. It is more commonly referred to as wobbly kitten syndrome. While people may find amusement from watching wobbly kitten YouTube videos, these cats require an understanding guardian and a special needs home. While their condition will never get worse and their life expectancy is the same as cats without the condition, they need a calm, strictly indoor environment without dogs, children, or stairs. She does prefer to have feline companionship though. Ella’s CH prevents her from climbing, but as many owners of CH cats will tell you, what these felines lack in coordination, they make up in personality.

Ella3 25107674When it comes to Ella and other cats impacted by CH it’s important to remember the cat isn’t sick, weak or hurt; she is simply uncoordinated and needs someone extra special who is patient and kind. Check out these top 10 reasons why you should adopt a CH kitty. If you think you could provide Ella with the loving special needs home she deserves, please contact SPCA Florida at (863) 646-7722.