Ultrasound Machine Uncovers Toxic Foreign Object

Dr. Miller and Mauren with Dog and Ultrasound (6)Gizmo arrived at SPCA Florida experiencing severe vomiting. Suspecting a foreign body, veterinary staff immediately took x-rays, which came back clear. Knowing the limitation of the two dimensional images, SPCA Florida veterinarian Dr. Miller moved forward with the ultrasound machine. Sure enough, in the three dimensional image he spotted the source of the 3-year-old Chihuahua’s discomfort and illness: a palm nut. Dr. Miller performed exploratory surgery to remove the nut and cure Gizmo of his symptoms.

Dangerous Foods for Dogs SheetGizmo’s case serves as a good reminder for pet guardians to be mindful of potentially toxic items dogs and cats may get into. The pine nut removed from Gizmo has a sweet flavor even after the fruit has rotted off making it very appealing to curious animals exploring the backyard. In addition to preventing accidental consumption of toxic items, quick action is another valuable lesson.

Prompt critical care is something SPCA Florida is well-equipped to handle; the medical center’s team of 8 veterinarians use not only digital x-rays and ultrasound, but laboratory equipment for urine analysis, thyroid testing, blood panels, and much more. Getting instant results provides the clients a better chance of survival and offers their guardians a peace of mind from expedited service. Given SPCA Florida frequently serves cats and dogs whose medical history is unknown or pets whose owners cannot afford extensive diagnostic testing, the organization’s high quality surgery monitoring equipment is critical. In addition to the laboratory, diagnostic and surgical equipment, the facility has a full pharmacy, preventing the need for an extra trip or a delay in prescription delivery.

State-of-the-art equipment enables SPCA Florida staff members to quickly and accurately diagnosis even the most “hidden” ailments, providing top-notch care to more than 23,000 patients annually. Call today to book your pet’s appointment, (863) 577-4607.