Meet Tiki.

Meet Tiki.

Tiki was extremely friendly when SPCA Florida staff visited Polk County Animal Services. As a stray, Tiki acted like a house cat…despite not having a home. When staff reached down to pet Tiki, they realized her tail was bleeding. Upon investigating further, staff was horrified to find Tiki’s tail literally cut-off, exposing flesh and tissue to the elements. SPCA Florida’s Randa Richter knew she had to be saved and brought her to SPCA Florida campus.

Click here to see Tiki’s injury. *Graphic*

The surgical team amputated the remaining tail, leaving a small nub – the only way for the cat to have a healthy, long life. As she recovers from her surgery, she watches other kittens play and refuses to lick her wounds.

“She’s really sweet. She just needed a little help with her tail,” Randa said as she shows off Tiki’s stitches. “She’s doing a lot better now.”

Tiki is a very thankful little cat who just needed a helpful human to save her life.

Can you be an animal’s helpful human?

Giving to SPCA Florida ensures that animals like Tiki get a second chance at a furever home and a healthy life. 

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