Sissy saved Kevin’s life four times

SPCA Florida helped him repay the favor.

SissySissy is a 7-year-old Pekingese and former puppy mill rescue turned cherished companion and therapy dog belonging to Kevin Smith. Kevin has suffered from three heart attacks and one stroke; all of which Sissy alerted Kevin to before they happened.

Sissy is a lifesaver.
Kevin holding Sissy Two weeks ago, Sissy’s health took a turn for the worst when she became unable to walk. Kevin was devastated when he couldn’t find affordable veterinary options to get Sissy the help she needed. Last week, Kevin and Sissy made the two hour trip to SPCA Florida where Hampton Inn & Suites helped cover the costs for Kevin to stay while Sissy underwent her initial testing and diagnosis. SPCA veterinary staff determined Sissy was suffering from intervertebral disk disease; a condition in which the disk ruptures into the vertebral canal causing compression on the spinal cord.

Dr. Pippin examining Sissy - up closeSissy and Kevin need your help. In order to determine if Sissy can make a recovery, she will need treatment at SPCA Florida medical center including anti-inflammatory medication, muscle relaxers, sessions in the hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) unit and acupuncture. Her treatment plan is extensive and costly. We need your help to get Sissy the care she needs to have a chance at a recovery so she can continue to help Kevin.

UPDATE: Sissy is doing well and regained the ability to walk. She and Kevin joined SPCA Florida for the Walk for Animals on Saturday, April 18th at Lake Mirror in downtown Lakeland.