Staff Works with South Carolina Rescue to Place Anxious Chinese Crested Dog


When Pip arrived at SPCA Florida she was incredibly stressed, shaking and would not let any one touch her. Barking, growling, and screaming, the 3-year-old Chinese-Crested dog attempted to ward off everyone around her.  Eventually, SPCA Florida staff was able to place her in a carrier with little fuss. Outside in the small dog area, Pip left the carrier and cautiously explored the yard before being coaxed into a staff member’s lap.

Chinese-Crested dogs are incredibly sensitive to stress, especially if not socialized properly, and Pip, a stray, was no exception. SPCA Florida staff began working with Pip to slowly build her confidence with people. By continually talking to her and being in her presence while showing her nothing bad is happening, as well as finding ways to pet her that she enjoys, SPCA Florida hoped to properly re-socialize her.

PipUnfortunately, due to her high anxiety levels, Pip would not do well on the adoption floor, which would be too overwhelming with its loud environmental stimuli. Samantha, an Animal Care Attendant at SPCA Florida, knew early on Pip would need a specialized rescue. The SPCA Florida team eventually found Bald is Beautiful Dog Rescue (BBDR) in South Carolina, which concentrates on rescuing and finding homes for hairless and other small breed dogs. Janet, the BBDR intake coordinator discussed with Sam whether or not Pip could handle the trip; they worried the journey and being handed off to different people along the transfer route would traumatize her.

Ultimately staff determined Pip’s best chance was for both groups to meet half way in Atlanta, Georgia and place Pip in a home environment until a permanent foster or adopter is identified.  Sam said she was relieved when Pip quickly bonded with Micki, the BBDR representative. Micki said Pip is becoming more socialized and confident every day.

Pip’s story illustrates how SPCA Florida staff members go above and beyond to ensure every pet entrusted to the agency’s care has the best possible chance for a happy ending, even if it requires a seven hour drive.