8-Week-Old Puppy Battles Disease and Malnutrition

Lil Champ - 24586910 - croppedLil Champ AdoptionWhen the 8-week-old Chihuahua Mix arrived he was severely underweight, weighing less than two pounds–half of what he should have weighed. Internal parasites were stripping him of what little nutrients he had left after not eating for five days. SPCA Florida staff quickly administered fluids and IV medications to try and save the tiny dog’s life. That night the puppy went into foster care and spent the next week fighting for his life and earning his name, Lil’ Champ.

Like all great champions, Lil’ Champ had an incredible “coach” in foster mom Michelle Williams. Determined to save his life, Michelle went above and beyond, feeding the weak pup chicken broth every 15 minutes and giving a nutrient vitamin paste supplement frequently. Lil’ Champ was on anti-nausea medicine and continued receiving fluids and IV medication. Finally after five nerve-wrecking touch-and-go days his health began to improve and he finally began eating on his own. To see Lil’ Champ now playing and jumping, you would never know all the puppy endured. Thanks to compassionate Guardian Angels SPCA Florida is able to provide lifesaving medical care to animals who need it most. We invite you to make second chances like Lil’ Champ’s possible today with a Guardian Angel donation.