Kittens Rescued from Parking Lot Need You

Gator - 24429048 (5)Cars whizzed by and the pavement was growing colder as the dark night approached. What could have been a tragic ending for two kittens was perhaps one of the luckiest days of their lives. Hiding underneath a car in a busy parking lot, SPCA Florida staffers coaxed the two abandoned kittens with canned kitten food to safety and took them to SPCA Florida for veterinary assessment.

Pepper - Parking Lot Kitten with Pelvic InjuryOne neglected fur ball, now named Gator, is in relatively good health and wants nothing more than love and affection. Unfortunately, Pepper sustained an injury in the weeks leading up to his rescue. Currently he is receiving pain medication and awaiting radiographs to determine if his pelvis is broken. SPCA Florida veterinarians are hopeful Pepper’s diagnosis will be positive, just rest and healing.

Pepper and Gator are just two examples of how your donations can make an immediate impact to help animals who need it the most.  Your donations allow SPCA Florida to provide Gator with routine veterinary care such as vaccination, microchipping and surgery to get neutered while also allowing us to care for the more critical cases like Pepper requiring x-rays and potential surgery.

Without your support these animals wouldn’t have the best chance possible for healing and happiness. Take advantage of this opportunity to become an animal’s Guardian Angel, donate today!

Update: Gator was adopted! Pepper’s injury healed, but he will require a special needs home with a family who makes sure he doesn’t put on too much weight and who provides joint/hip supplements or pain management should he develop arthritis due to his injury. To find out more about giving Pepper a special home please call (863) 577-4607.