Meet Momma Fern.


This story is simple but sweet and is a perfect example of why community support of SPCA Florida’s Guardian Angel Fund is so necessary and important.

In the summer of 2017, two young men decided it was the perfect Spring day to go fishing at Loyce E. Harpe Park, known to most as Carter Road Park. This care-free decision turned out to be a life-saving decision for a mother dog and her nine puppie – that’s right, NINE puppies. You see, these two young men were headed to a small watering hole just inside the park when they heard noises coming from a wooded area on the far side of the pond. Curious, they decided to investigate and were shocked by what they discovered. A malnourished, female dog was tied to a tree with no food or water in sight. The young men approached cautiously, unsure of the temperament of the protective momma dog. It was clear she was helpless and unable to care for her puppies that were meandering in all directions. The young men jumped into action, corralling the nine puppies and untying the friendly mother dog from the tree. The two community heroes headed back to their vehicle with the momma dog and the nine puppies in tow and drove straight to SPCA Florida.

Adoption Counselor Jim Hyatt recalls hearing their story of how they found the momma dog tied to a tree, helpless to keep her babies safe. “It was clear when the young men arrived on our campus that they were overwhelmed by what they had discovered,” stated Hyatt. “I am just glad they came to us for help. We were able to provide this sweet momma dog some much needed medical attention, some food, clean water, and a safe place for her and her family.”

The Guardian Angel Fund provides lifesaving treatment to animals in need. Every month SPCA Florida invests between $10,000 and $15,000 to treat animals just like these.  The female dog, now named Momma Fern, and her babies were provided nourishment and proper medical care thanks to the generous donations to the Guardian Angel Fund. For a short time, the canine family went to a loving foster home until everyone was healthy enough for spay/neuter surgery and adoption. “The medical treatment, surgery and daily care for these ten dogs totaled in excess of $5,000, explains Adoption Center Manager Michelle Williams. “Without the help from these two community heroes, Momma Fern and her family would have certainly met an unfortunate demise.” SPCA Florida is happy to report Momma Fern and her nine puppies have all been adopted into loving forever homes. To help cover the incurred costs for this family of ten, please visit


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