Meet Brandi.

When 10-year-old German shepherd Brandi was surrendered to SPCA Florida, many challenges quickly became apparent to the staff. She had multiple medical issues, including hip dysplasia, which affects several large dog breeds. SPCA Florida Director of Marketing & Development Paula Creamer commented on Brandi as being an “awesome dog.” She added that Brandi wasn’t receiving visits in the kennel despite her being “very friendly.”

Determined to give her the best future possible, SPCA Florida reached out to Woody’s Place – Senior German Shepherd Sanctuary in Greentown, Pennsylvania.

Woody’s Place was founded in March 2011 as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization named in honor of a 10-year-old German shepherd called Woody.  The senior dog had been surrendered to the Burlington County SPCA in New Jersey after his owner was deployed.

Dawn Mimnaugh saw the continued need to help senior German Shepherds. “I gotta do something about that,” she said. Thus, the wonderful organization that would eventually help Brandi was born.

With Woody’s Place ready to welcome Brandi with open arms, SPCA Florida went to work on fundraising and building community support to get the sweet senior to Pennsylvania.

Thanks to the dedication from volunteers and staff, including Rudie Fox and Jerry Fortner, Brandi was able to make the journey to her new home.  Jerry Fortner was the volunteer who drove Brandi to her flight, which departed from Tampa International Airport. Rudy Fox reported that Brandi “fit right in” at the sanctuary, where she arrived on January 19 and has been getting comfortable in her new home.

“Brandi loves taking walks here at the sanctuary. We have over three acres of field and woods, plus a little stream that she likes to sniff by,” Mimnaugh said. “There is lots of wildlife here that we are guessing Brandi has never been exposed to, because she doesn’t seem to know what to make of deer. We’re guessing she thinks they are just really big brown dogs.”

Brandi will remain with Woody’s Place for the remainder of her life, where she will be doted on and pampered, just as she deserves.


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