SPCA Florida Rehabilitates Neglected Dog

08.05.15 Matilda - BeforeWatch Matilda’s video>>

Matilda skeptically and slowly licked peanut butter off of staff members’ hands. Her bones protruded from her skin, which had old and fresh wounds. When the 1-year-old Hound Mix was rescued from the side of the road by a family passing by, she was lifeless. Thankfully after four days of regular, small meals she regained her energy. Given they already had four dogs of their own, the family decided to make an SPCA Florida intake appointment. As soon as she walked through the door Matilda melted staff members’ hearts. She had obviously been abused and neglected, but despite08.05.15 Matilda her struggles her sweet and loving demeanor remained. Soon she was crawling on the employees’ laps and nuzzling up. Though she had obviously not had food or medical care, what Matilda seemed to want most was love.

For six weeks Matilda was fed nutritious food and received lots of love from staff and volunteers, helping to boost her confidence. She gained the additional 10 pounds needed, bringing her to an appropriate weight of 43 pounds.

Matilda then found her fur-ever home, a place where she will be cherished and taken care of, just like she deserves!