Kittens Lose Eyes but Gain Life

Ruby - 23907300 (3)

Ruby received lifesaving eye surgery and is now a playful kitten waiting for a forever home.

When two-month old Ruby arrived at SPCA Florida, her eye bulged painfully from its socket. Unfortunately, her previous owners had mistakenly believed an old wives tale that boric acid would treat an eye infection resulting in a permanent, painful burn to her cornea. Unable to afford proper medical care, Ruby was turned over to SPCA Florida where our veterinary staff immediately began a treatment plan of antibiotics and eye ointment. Within days of recovering in a SPCA Florida foster home, Ruby’s swelling had decreased and she began playing like a regular kitten again.

Roscoe 24123860 (4)

The Guardian Angel Fund saved Roscoe’s life.

A few weeks later, SPCA Florida received another call. Roscoe, a two-month-old stray Tabby had been rescued by a Good Samaritan, but had sustained a massive eye injury caused by an untreated upper respiratory infection. Roscoe joined Ruby where they both received special medical attention in the comfort and care of their foster home. Both kittens underwent surgery to have their damaged eyes removed and are well on their way to living normal, happy lives.

Thankfully for Ruby and Roscoe, SPCA Florida has generous donors who make their treatment and specialty surgery possible. Donors like you who make second chances possible for pets in need. We invite you to join us in making even more happy endings possible by donating today to the Guardian Angel Fund. On behalf of Ruby and Roscoe, and all the other pets we will save, thank you!