Kitten Trapped in Car Engine Suffers Nerve Damage

Christina Romanello and Bennett - cropped Timing is everything. That was especially true for a 2-month-old Chocolate Point Siamese kitten whose arm was trapped in a car engine. Luckily SPCA Florida volunteers arrived at the exact moment the driver was attempting to remove the distressed, injured kitten. Unlike a lot of other car engine victims, Bennett’s injuries were not fatal. However, he sustained a deep burn on his chin and nerve damage that renders his tiny paw useless, left to just limply drag on the ground. Bennett will require a leg amputation, but at just over one pound he needs time to grow and heal before surgery.

Christina Romanello and Bennett - Auction 2014 (2)The first three nights in foster care Christina Romanello said she slept on the floor with Bennett because though he was on pain medication, he would cry if he wasn’t next to someone. Christina said his chin has healed and he is putting on weight, but he still has challenges to overcome.

“Although he only has three good legs, that doesn’t stop him from running around, climbing up the furniture and being a happy kitten,” said Christina. “But sadly, sometimes he struggles and gets rather frustrated about it.”

Christina said she knows from years of volunteering that Bennett is one of hundreds of kittens to suffer this way just because they’re seeking a warm spot during the colder temperatures. Christina hopes that sharing Bennett’s story with others will help prevent more kittens and cats from being injured or even killed during the cooler months. Please share Bennett’s story and encourage friends and family to tap their hood or honk their horn before starting engines. We also encourage you to become a Guardian Angel to pets like Bennett who need surgery, pets who will receive a second chance thanks to your generosity.