Keep your pet safe this summer!

ScoutWe all look forward to summer and the fun activities it brings. The kids are home, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining (we hope!) and there just seems to be such a bright, exciting and fresh outlook on everything.

Summer is a very busy time though and we all get into a summer routine of running kids to events, going on vacation, having outdoor get-togethers, etc.  It’s just what we do.

Pets today are very much a part of our summer routines and we’re aware that they are. This is great! They’re part of the family and should be included in many of the things their pet-people do every day.

Here are the top 7 cautions you can be aware of to help minimize stress and danger to your pet.

1. Fireworks

Fireworks are typically a 4th of July tradition, but as we well know, people set them off at many different celebrations these days, whether it’s their town celebrations, special pre- or post-4th of July celebrations, family reunions and vacations, etc. Fireworks are noisy and can be very scary and stressful to pets. They sound like a gun going off and our pets can be shy with this noise or they can also be instinctively protective of us. Pets have even tried to bite fireworks!

2. Thunderstorms and other severe weather

With summer, bad weather can be a concern for pet owners. Thunder can have the same affects as fireworks and lightening can also be scary to a pet. Just the changes in the atmosphere for dogs and cats can pose a significant stress to them.

3. Summer parties

Summer get-togethers can be fun to us, but to our pets it means a change in their normal routine. Harmful aspects can include extra people, people of different ages, the excitement in the air, not getting the normal degree of attention they normally get (whether it’s more or less) and then the dropped food, adult beverages or the guests thinking our furry family members need a little treat that can make them sick.

4. Hot grills

After the party or even after grilling, people need to take extra care to avoid dropped grease or grease-covered coals in areas pets are exposed to. Dogs don’t care what they’re eating if it’s covered in something tasty!

5. Heat 

Extreme heat is also a major safety issue for pets (as it is with people!). Leaving pets out in hot conditions for any length of time is risky, especially when pet owners aren’t home and providing frequent water breaks, shady spots or indoor time. On the other hand, taking pets in the car and leaving them in there while running inside is also extremely dangerous. It seems that every week, we hear of another shocking loss of a pet due to heat exposure.

6. Outdoor critters

Walks in the great outdoors are very beneficial for all species, but we also know that you need to be aware of the threats out there while doing so. Mosquitos, flies, rodents, ticks and snakes can be a real issue in some areas.

7. Busier traffic

In most areas, many more people are out and about in the summer time. With the extra people walking, riding bikes and traveling by car, pets may have a hard time encountering all this extra stimulation. They can become excited and increase the chances of gaining freedom from the leash.

Thanks to NAVO Vetfolio for the original post!