Handmade Gifts Comfort Homeless Pets, Brighten Cages

Snuggles Group PhotoNot everyone has to step foot on SPCA Florida’s Lakeland campus to help homeless pets. A group of ladies from Theme World RV Resort in Davenport are bringing comfort and warmth to cats and dogs waiting for their forever homes by knitting Snuggles, homemade blankets of varying sizes, colors, and patterns. The group’s coordinator Betty first learned of Snuggles while she was attending a pet event in another state.

20150119_172221Even though The Snuggles Project has been around since 1996 when Rae French, president of Hugs for Homeless Animals, officially launched the grassroots effort, Rae has been knitting blankets for homeless pets since 1960. The Snuggles Project main goal is to provide shelter animals with handmade blankets that are stitched with love and offer comfort during what can be a scary time for pets. The blankets, many made from bright colors, also give the shelter’s cages a homey feel. A lifetime pet lover, Betty was excited to launch the program locally and bring more meaning to her knitting hobby.

20150119_172205The ladies have knitted over 180 Snuggles for SPCA Florida’s homeless pets during the last year. The blankets can be spotted throughout campus and at offsite adoption sites throughout the county, offering cheer and warmth to the dogs and cats lounging on and in them. During a campus tour and a subsequent visit to the Theme World community room where the Snuggles magic takes place every week, the cheerful group of ladies share their pet stories all while keeping their needles humming away.

Thanks to the dedicated Davenport Snuggles group, SPCA Florida’s homeless pets have a little piece of home before they find their forever families.