Guardian Angel Fund: Paging Dr. Sheppard

Christina Van Allen
Digital Marketing Manager

Meet Sheppard.


Sheppard didn’t know he was sick when surrendered at SPCA Florida. In fact, he seemed pretty happy to trot around the yards and smell the floorboards in the office. He cuddled up next to the employees, nuzzling their shins for a pat. Sheppard didn’t know his leg was infected or that he’d suffer a life-altering amputation in a few short hours. He was just excited to be on a field trip.

Sheppard was hit by a car sometime in late-November, breaking his ankle. Without treatment or a visit to the veterinarian, the road rash on Sheppard’s leg festered for four full days and soon turned into a deadly infection. Dr. Gross and her team at SPCA Florida had no other choice: Sheppard must have his leg amputated in order to prevent the spread of the infection.

The days after his surgery Sheppard was lethargic, but grateful. He is now on a cocktail of medications and around-the-clock supervision. Although he is still adjusting, Sheppard remains the curious, happy pup he was before the surgery. The team has fallen in love with his snuggly nature and affectionately renamed him Dr. Sheppard after their favorite television doctor. The initial steps of Dr. Sheppard’s new life without a leg have just started, though. He still has a great deal of recovery ahead of him. Without SPCA Florida’s Guardian Angel Fund, Dr. Sheppard might not have had an opportunity to explore again.

You can be a part of Dr. Sheppard’s recovery by becoming Guardian Angel. By donating to Dr. Sheppard’s fund, you will be assisting with medication, therapy, and finding Dr. Sheppard a forever home.

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