Starving Dog Eats Household Object, Requires Exploratory Surgery

Much like a chaotic scene from a human emergency room, when 1-year-old boxer mix Xeda arrived at SPCA Florida she was projectile vomiting blood. Neighbors had intervened on behalf of the severely malnourished dog. Unfortunately her rescuers did not have the financial means nor did they qualify for CareCredit. Thankfully she was approved for SPCA Florida’s lifesaving Guardian Angel Fund and veterinarian staff moved forward with parvo and heartworm testing, both of which came back negative.

Guardian Angel Fund Xeda (exploratory surgery)Diagnosed with black stool, hookworms, and lethargy, Dr. Miller used the ultrasound machine to help him quickly diagnosis the issue—multiple obstructions in the intestines. After further discussion by the neighbors with the owners, it was revealed in the days prior Xeda had eaten their couch. Now it was up to SPCA Florida’s surgeons to remove entangled particles of cushion and wires from the extremely sensitive area. Overall, foreign matter was found in 4 parts of the patients intestines.

Guardian Angel Fund Xeda (exploratory surgery)2Fortunately for Xeda SPCA Florida is equipped not only with state-of-the-art technology and skilled veterinarians and surgeons, but also funding to help the animals whose guardians do not have or cannot find the means. Every month SPCA Florida’s McClurg Animal Medical Center gives away between $10,000 and $15,000 in free or reduced services.

Given her poor state and the extensive and expensive care she required, Xeda was relinquished to SPCA Florida. Following her recovery, she was adopted by a family committed to Xeda’s lifelong health and happiness. Stories like this rely solely on generous donors like you. Please help us make even more of them come true by donating to the Guardian Angel Fund today!