Guardian Angel Fund Helps Rehabilitate Emaciated, Neglected Dog

Winnie and Sam - BESTWhen SPCA Florida staff members found an emaciated Chihuahua, now named Winnie, outside their break room door, they thought she was 10 to 12 years old given her condition. Winnie’s coat was rough, her nails were so long she could barely walk, she had severe dental tartar and an ear infection. Further testing showed the timid dog was heartworm positive, not surprising given her very apparent neglect. What was surprising though was veterinarian’s revelation—Winnie was only five years old.

After spending two weeks in an SPCA Florida foster home, Winnie’s protruding spine had disappeared; now it’s covered with healthy fur. Once she reached a healthy weight, she was spayed and received a dental scale and polish along with teeth extractions to address her grade 3 periodontal disease. From vaccinations to her dental procedure and subsequent heart worm treatment, Winnie’s veterinary expenses totaled more than $300. Thanks to generous Guardian Angel Fund donors we are able to make everyday miracles like Winnie’s possible.

Winnie - 24663907 (2)Though it may not have seemed like it, the day Winnie was dumped at SPCA Florida’s back door was actually one of her luckiest, second only to her adoption day. Through your support we can make even more “happy tail” endings come true. Don’t miss the opportunity to become a Guardian Angel to a pet in need!