Little Dog Loses Eye But Receives New Home Thanks to Guardian Angel Fund

PCAC Transfer Coco aka SugarPolk County Animal Control staff were surprised at just how active little Sugar, a four-year old Chihuahua, was when she arrived at the shelter, despite her glaring medical injury. Sugar’s left eye was a dark red and crusted close, blinding her. Quickly transferred to SPCA Florida for immediate medical treatment, she was diagnosed with a prolapsed eye. Due to a traumatic accident, Sugar’s left eye slipped out of place, causing her tear gland to protrude and swell and her globe to rupture. SPCA Florida veterinary staff determined her eye could not be saved, but they could relieve Sugar’s current pain and irritation. Performing a left eye enucleation, SPCA Florida vets removed Sugar’s left globe and surgically permanently sutured her lids closed.

Sugar 28251555Although she now only has one eye, Sugar is still full of life and now only contends with sliding knee caps, which slip out of position and lock up her leg. Fortunately, this condition is not life threatening and does not require treatment, but is common in small dog breeds like Chihuahuas. Although she occasionally jauntily skips in her step due to the slide, her knee automatically returns to its normal position fairly quickly.  Despite her physical trauma, Sugar remains a social, fun-loving dog, ready for anything. Happily, Sugar has recently been adopted and now begins a wonderful, new chapter in her life.

Donate_ButtonBecause of SPCA Florida and Polk County Animal Control’s partnership many homeless and abandoned pets like Sugar can obtain immediate medical treatment and be adopted sooner.  Thanks to donors and the Guardian Angel Fund, SPCA Florida can give every animal an opportunity at a new life; please consider joining SPCA Florida and becoming a Guardian Angel, so many more pets like Sugar can find their forever homes.