Guardian Angel Fund Corrects Kitten’s Anatomy

Sally2 29939520

This beauty, who arrived at SPCA Florida with labored breathing, needed emergency surgery.

When Sally arrived at SPCA Florida her breathing was labored. The 5-month-old kitten was dehydrated and only weighed two pounds, half of what a kitten her age should weigh. Her neck was covered in scabs. She had been dumped in a yard, left to suffer alone. Thankfully for Sally, the yard she was discarded in belonged to an SPCA Florida staff member who quickly discovered her.

Due to her breathing trouble, veterinary staff suspected upper respiratory; however, because she did not have any symptoms such as runny nose and watery eyes, doctors decided to take x-rays. They were surprised to find Sally’s stomach, liver, and intestines were located in her chest cavity, probably due to a congenital malformation called a diaphragmatic hernia. Realizing her dire condition, an SPCA Florida veterinarian performed emergency surgery that afternoon, placing those organs back into the abdominal cavity where they belonged, and recreating a diaphragm to make certain they remained in place.

A week after her lifesaving surgery, Sally had already gained a pound. Veterinarians believed her stunted growth was caused by her mangled anatomy. Though the dainty feline had already been through so much, her journey to health stretched out again when her foster caregiver discovered the kitten had ringworm. She gets a medicated bath every three days—which in true feline fashion she strongly detests—along with oral anti-fungal medication.

Sally is on the road to recovery, but her veterinary care and second chance at health and happiness would not be possible without SPCA Florida’s Guardian Angel Fund. Be a part of a pet’s healing today; become a Guardian Angel to pets like Sally who need it most.