Guardian Angel Fund Saves Malnourished Dog Hit by Car

Photo Jul 02, 2 32 41 PMRomeo’s arrival at SPCA Florida could have been the end of his story. Hit by a car, Romeo, a 4-year old bulldog mix, had dragged himself back home with a dislocated hip. With his owner recently imprisoned and deported, his owner’s girlfriend became his guardian, but refused him food, water and care. Finally after several days, neighbors intervened and received the girlfriend’s permission to bring in Romeo for euthanasia. SPCA Florida veterinary staff however knew Romeo could be saved, and with treatment would live out a long happy life.

Romeo 28280221..Unfortunately, neither Romeo’s rescuers nor his owner’s girlfriend could take care of him or his health bills, so he was surrendered to SPCA Florida. Thankfully, Romeo was approved for SPCA Florida’s lifesaving Guardian Angel Fund.

With X-rays, veterinarian staff determined Romeo would need surgery on his hip so he could walk again, but first the peeling skin needed to heal. After his skin recovered, Romeo underwent a Femoral Head Osteotomy (FHO) procedure to save his hip.  During his FHO, veterinarians surgically removed the ball part of the ball-and-socket that makes up his hip joint, which stopped his joint bones from contacting, thereby removing his pain. The surrounding muscle in Romeo’s hip will develop scar tissue that will act as a false joint and return the ability to move normally. From his skin issues to his FHO treatment, Romeo’s veterinary expense totaled to $662. Thanks to generous Guardian Angel Fund donors SPCA Florida is able to save pets like Romeo every day.

Donate_ButtonNow that Romeo has recovered, he is available for adoption, eagerly awaiting his new, loving home. Despite his now slightly shorter leg, Romeo will soon return to a normal, happy active dog life and cannot wait to find a new best friend. Thanks to donors like you, we are able to continue saving pets’ lives. Please help us give every animal a happy ending by donating to the Guardian Angel Fund today.