Cherished Cat Companion Needs Your Help

Tears slowly streamed down Ronald’s face.

“It’s just hard when they get sick or injured,” he said, barely audible. His worry showed intensely in his eyes. Meanwhile back in SPCA Florida’s Medical Center emergency area, Ronald’s cat, Momma looked up at doctors with dilated, pain-filled eyes; her front leg suffering from a deep laceration, the result of an unknown accident.

GAF - Momma - Leg Amputation (2)Ronald had taken over ownership of the 2-year-old cat who was being bullied by his neighbor’s other cats. He brought her to SPCA Florida for her spay surgery and annual vaccinations. He and Momma had developed a routine. She would lounge around his porch and front yard, and then when his truck pulled up after work, she would run and greet him. As soon as he was situated in a chair, she was on his lap, a loyal companion through and through. Yesterday their routine was interrupted when Momma arrived limping and in pain. With a heavy and worried heart, Ronald immediately brought her to SPCA Florida.

Today SPCA Florida veterinarians administered pain medication and antibiotics to prevent spread of infection from her injured limb. They are performing hydrotherapy to keep her wound clean. X-rays have been ordered to determine the extent of the damage, but first impression is Momma will need a leg amputation, a costly surgery  for Ronald whose income is below poverty level.

Will you join us in restoring peace of mind to Ronald and health to his cherished companion today by donating towards Momma’s $1,100 treatment cost?