5-Year-Old Cat Finally Freed from Painful Life with Eye Surgery

10.02.15 Molly Orphan Since July 8, 2015When Molly was surrendered to SPCA Florida, her eyes were so swollen and infected she could not see.  For all five years of her life, this domestic shorthair calico cat had suffered from untreated Entropion, a debilitating eye condition that caused her eyelids to turn inward against her eyeball.  Entropion causes a decrease in vision or can lead to total blindness. Essentially for Molly, it felt like her eyelashes were in both of her eyes all the time.

Due to the severity and longevity of Molly’s condition, SPCA Florida veterinarians determined she would need eye surgery.  Thanks to the Guardian Angel Fund, the veterinary team successfully repaired Molly’s eyes and now she is well on her way on the road to recovery.  Although her vision is not perfect, she can see and is finally pain free and happy.  Despite her long life of suffering, she remains a sweet girl who likes to play and receive any attention possibleDonate_Button.  Now she waits in the cattery for a new home with a patient family that loves her, a new future made possible by generous donors like you. Join us today so you can become a Guardian Angel for pets like Molly and give them a bright, new beginning.