Guardian Angel Fund Treats Puppy for Mysterious Burns

MidnightDonate_ButtonThree-month old Midnight arrived at SPCA Florida’s Medical Center with what appeared to be chemical burns. His owners claimed they were unsure what happened given the pit bull mix puppy had been contained a crate. The family’s story was one SPCA Florida sees all too often—a brand new pet facing an emergency situation without the veterinary funding. A heartbreaking reminder of how important pet insurance is for the routine and unexpected expenses.

Staff worked diligently to clean Midnight’s wounds and carefully remove the dead skin, while trying to determine if it was a potential cruelty case. Ultimately the family did not face charges, but they did relinquish ownership of Midnight, who received pain medication and antibiotics as well as multiple hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments and frequent bandage changes. Following five weeks in foster care, his wounds were visible, but healing. While SPCA Florida staff members may never know what actually happened to the puppy, they know without Guardian Angel Fund donors his happy ending wouldn’t be possible. Won’t you please become a Guardian Angel today and help save the lives of pets in need?