Hillsborough Police Officer Rescue Receives Specialty Surgery at SPCA Florida

Layla 28164426 with Veronica (2)Layla 28164426 with Kevin on Jul 10, 11 32 19 AMWhen a Hillsborough police officer discovered 1-year-old Layla, the Pit Bull’s leg was injured from some unknown accident. The injured stray was taken to Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners emergency clinic, but without an owner to pay for her treatment, Layla’s future looked grim. Safety Net Manager Connie Johnson was made aware of the situation and received approval to transfer Layla into SPCA Florida where she could receive treatment.


The elaborate pinning system used to repair Layla’s leg.

Layla 28164426 xray (2)Radiographs revealed Layla had a left tibial fracture leaving her with two options: an external skeletal fixation bone plate with six pins or a leg amputation. SPCA Florida’s Guardian Angel Fund covered the costly specialty surgery. The pins remained in place for eight weeks with frequent bandage changes and radiograph re-checks. Unfortunately, the leg was not her only ailment. Layla also tested positive and received treatment for hookworms and coccidia. Despite her time outdoors she was heartworm negative. Overall her treatment totaled $417.

Now she is fully recovered and ready to start her next chapter, a new story made possible by generous Guardian Angel donors like you. Will you join us in making miracles like Layla’s possible today?

Layla 28164426