Polk County Animal Control Transferred Chihuahua Receives New Chance with Lifesaving Treatment

Lamborgini needs helpWhen Lamborghini arrived at Polk County Animal Control, staff immediately knew he had suffered a traumatic experience.  Limping and shallowly breathing, Lamborghini, a young black Chihuahua mix, was quickly transferred to SPCA Florida to receive immediate medical care.  At first, SPCA Florida veterinary staff believed Lamborghini had a broken left leg, but soon determined that his pelvis was fractured.  While searching for the fracture, SPCA Florida veterinarians realized they could not hear any heart or lung sounds in his chest.  X-rays revealed Lamborghini was suffering from a diaphragmatic hernia; his abdominal organs, heart and lungs included, had been pushed down into an opening in his diaphragm from the same unknown injury that fractured his pelvis.

SPCA Florida’s veterinary team immediately prepared Lamborghini for emergency surgery and successfully corrected his hernia.  Lamborghini is now in recovery until the next stage of his treatment to repair his fractured pelvis.  Currently, SPCA Florida staff is waiting for a $4,000 specially ordered surgery kit designed for Lamborghini’s size to surgically repair his bones with a set of plates and screws, so he can soon begin a normal, happy life in a new home.

Thanks to the partnership with Polk County Animal Control (PCAC), SPCA Florida can transfer injured and ill pets like Lamborghini to receive immediate medical treatment from its full-service veterinary center.  Treatments and surgery are funded by SPCA Florida’s Guardian Angel Fund, supported in part by generous donors.  This partnership with PCAC permits homeless and abandoned pets, who come from traumatic pasts like Lamborghini, to receive required medical care and have an opportunity at a happy new beginning.  Will you become a Guardian Angel today for Lamborghini?