Cat with Bullet Lodged in Leg Gets Second Chance with Guardian Angel Fund

Jetson X-rayWhen Jetson’s owner first saw him limping, he thought Jetson had broken his leg.  Jetson, a 16-month-old brown Tabby, was always an outside cat, who had been neutered and ear tipped – the universal sign for cat sterilization.  During his outside roaming, a break or fracture could happen.  However, when Jetson’s guardian brought him into SPCA Florida Medical Center, the x-rays told a different story.  A bullet was lodged in his front right leg.  Although he has no evidence, Jetson’s owner believes his neighbor shot Jetson, based on the neighbor’s previous history with shooting animals in his yard.  Knowing this and unable to afford Jetson’s surgery, his guardian determined the best option for Jetson was to surrender him to SPCA Florida, so he could have a safe, inside home and begin treatment immediately.

Jetson post-opDue to the fracture’ severity and the bullet’s placement, SPCA Florida veterinary staff determined his leg would need to be amputated.  Jetson’s procedure cost more than $700, but thanks to the Guardian Angel Fund, SPCA Florida veterinary staff successfully amputated his leg and is now helping Jetson through his recovery.  Despite now missing a leg, Jetson remains an incredibly affectionate cat and looks forward to the day he can join a new home.  Please consider supporting SPCA Florida, so you can become a Guardian Angel for pets like Jetson and give them a bright, new future.Donate_Button